Too much all around |

Too much all around

Dear Editor:

I had to chuckle at the headline today: “It will not be a hike to the new lift 1A” (Sept. 21).

I have been a very vocal opponent of the lodge at 1A and have expressed my opinion that moving the lift up is a terrible idea. But trust me, coming from a guy that gets his jollies by climbing Mount Everest for a few ski turns, the hike has little or nothing to do with my opinion. If the developers have even remotely deduced my (and many others) dissatisfaction with this idea to the hike, there is no sense in trying to explain … again. What they don’t get, they never will.

As for the Skico not having any intentions to replace the lift at 1A and that this is a great opportunity to have it replaced, note that the original lift from 1A is still operating as it has for the past 60 some years down at Sunlight. We don’t need a new lift at 1A; more people accommodated by a high speed lift won’t make 1A better in any way shape or form. Our modern history has created a perfect ski area; there is nothing you can do to make it any better. “Three percent” of start-up skier traffic is a key ingredient to the success of 1A. Without that success, this whole concept is not even a subject. We need to respect 1A as the root of all our success, and tread extremely lightly when trying to change that. This project is too extreme for this area.

Also noteworthy is the developer’s effort to house 100 percent of its employees, utilizing properties at the AABC. Plain and simple, this is spelled URBAN SPRAWL. Eliminate the problem all together by eliminating the source of it.

Times are extremely good, economically speaking, in Aspen these days. We have a super balance between our economy and environment, and it makes us unique and the best in the business. More development, especially where this is proposed is, in my opinion, not a good business decision for anyone other than the developer.

I urge the representatives of our City Council to hold firm on rejecting this proposal. It’s too much all the way around. It’s not about the hike.

Mike Marolt