Too many questions about Muslim center

Dear Editor:

I am all for the constitutional right of religious organizations to build wherever they want. But I am totally against the proposed Muslim community center near the spot where the Twin Towers fell. This is not an ordinary situation or location – this is a controversy that surrounds the most horrific event in recent American history.

The fact that this controversy has inflamed the hearts of so many people in and of itself demands that good judgment prevail – i.e. that the center be moved to a non-controversial location. There is no downside to moving it – but there is a horrible downside to keeping it in this location and continuing this dispute.

As for Imam Rauf, supposedly he is a wonderful moderate Arab. Great! Why is he insisting on continuing this nasty controversy and inflaming the hearts of so many? Why hasn’t he condemned Hamas as a terrorist organization? Why hasn’t he condemned the recent killing of four Israeli citizens on the eve of direct peace talks? Why hasn’t he condemned the stoning and lashing of the Iranian woman now in the news? Where is his moderateness?

And where is the $100 million to build this “center” coming from?

Eric Simon

Snowmass Village