Too many merges |

Too many merges

Dear Editor:

I see roundabout paving is taking place between Tuesday and Thursday. Gosh, I sure hope they take the opportunity to make sense of the (lack of) striping, add signage and correct the “urge to merge” at the roundabout area.

There should be only one merge point getting out of town and that is just before the Hickory House restaurant ” not the three merge points that exist currently. Heading downvalley just after passing Cemetery Lane, no through traffic on 82 should be allowed in the left lane, only vehicles turning at either Maroon Creek Road or Castle Creek Road ” signs should emphatically state that. For example: “Vehicles in left lane must continue through roundabout past Highway 82.”

Similarly, upon exiting the roundabout, all downvalley traffic ideally would be in the left lane ” no through traffic on 82 should be tolerated in the bus lane (right lane) adjacent to the golf course path. (There is a sign saying Buses Only ” but it is down 100 yards too far, with no enforcement and no striping to keep vehicles out of the right [bus] lane). Net result of these easily solvable conditions is we often have to merge three times instead of once, and that disrupts and slows the flow out of town.

David Twitchell