Too little chili and beer |

Too little chili and beer

Dear Editor: I attended the Snowmass Chili Pepper & Brewfest great weather and great music, for sure.But each year, the logistics of the festival and the town of Snowmass planning seem to get worse.There was one nice long line to get in, have your bags checked and tickets scanned. Then you had to stand in another nice long line for wristbands. Why not the same line for tickets and wristbands? Why the need for two separate long lines?Then they pretty much ran out of chili and most beer close to 4 p.m. Saturday, when the festival started at 3 p.m.! Then everyone stood in a couple of long lines for the remaining beer vendors, who ran out of beer, as well.The whole chili and brew area wasnt even near the stage, so you had to miss the music to wait in line for the rapidly disappearing chili and beer. Of course, there was a big paid bar near the stage, open the whole time but why the need to pay for beer, when we already bought tickets to a chili and brew fest? And why the need to officially stop the tastings nearly two hours before the festival is over (i.e., 7 p.m. cutoff on Friday, when music went until 9:30!)?What should be a really seamless event seems to be more poorly planned each year. Those expecting to eat and drink should probably check out another festival next time.Lucy TownsendAspen