Too hot in the hot tub |

Too hot in the hot tub

Joel Stonington

In the world of hot tub poaching, The Little Nell in Aspen may be right near the top. But on Friday, three men allegedly got a bit too cocky.”A guest could see three men naked in the hot tub, having sex,” said Aspen Patrolman John Rushing, who responded to the incident.Police received two calls from guests who complained about the questionable activities. A third call let police know that the three were refusing to leave and wrestling with security. Four Aspen police arrived at The Little Nell at 1 a.m. Friday, arrested two men and were still seeking one later that day. Two Aspen men and the third suspect face charges of second-degree criminal trespass and public indecency. They were both released with a Sept. 5 court date.Rushing said police found a zipper hoodie and watch belonging to the missing man, whom they encouraged to claim the items and be arrested. Joel Stonington’s e-mail is