Too flip for the Fourth |

Too flip for the Fourth

Dear Editor:

It was with much joy and excitement that I attended another fabulous Fourth of July parade in Aspen on Sunday. I must say I was truly saddened, though, to see a young girl in the parade proudly waving a sign proclaiming “I love my carbon footprint.”

With oil pouring into the Gulf of Mexico and ruining countless lives and businesses, with thousands of young American soldiers dying in foreign oil wars, and with global temperatures changing almost everywhere, how could any parent teach such an ethic to their children?

Burning carbon-based fuels has benefited all of us in the past, but it’s time to move on. The costs are simply too high to the environment and our health. Above all, our children and grandchildren need to learn that the cheapest fuels are not necessarily the best ones for our future, and that a high carbon footprint is not something to “love” – Sarah Palin and many “Drill Baby Drill” Republicans notwithstanding.

Patsy Batchelder and Andy Wiessner


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