Too early to judge |

Too early to judge

Dear Editor:

In response to Gary Hubbell (Redneck Tree-Hugger, Feb. 28) and anyone else who, at this point in time, feels compelled to “grade” Barack Obama: These are scary times. And in scary times our egos (whose job it is to protect us emotionally) scramble for absolute beliefs, beliefs that help us try to feel like we understand what’s going on; and by understanding, we maybe have a shred of control over what is going on.

You may be right, Gary. You may be partly right. You may be wrong. I have no idea. Nobody does. Our society suffers a multitude of problems. Maybe one of your favorite past presidents is to blame. Maybe one of my favorite past presidents is. Maybe it’s a mixed bag.

One fact cannot be argued: Obama inherited one of the biggest messes that our nation has seen in the last 100 years. How can we possibly come up with a chiseled-in-stone assessment of his performance just a little over a year after he took office? Upon what do we draw as a historical reference in making such a determination? Have we become such a television-ready society that we expect results by the first commercial break?

Maybe Obama will go down in history as the worst president in American history. Maybe Bush will be memorialized as a hero in retrospect. Maybe it will be the other way around. Maybe both will fade into oblivion. Who knows?

So, for God’s sake, people, switch to decaf, raise your children the best way you know how, be of service in your community and pray for politicians that are in it for the right reasons; to be of service to others, not just themselves. That in itself would make all the difference.

Louis Girardot

Glenwood Springs

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