Too close for comfort? |

Too close for comfort?

Dear Editor:

My husband and I appealed the 2009 assessed property value of our home. The day of the hearing, we learned that the Aspen mayor, Mick Ireland, was also an appeals officer (he was not ours).

I don’t know the pay accorded the hearing officers, but it appears totally inappropriate, if not a direct conflict of interest, for the mayor of Aspen to also be on the payroll of the Pitkin County assessor’s appeals hearing board.

Ireland may be an attorney, a former commissioner, etc., etc., but he is currently the mayor of Aspen.

I was an appraiser for the Los Angeles County Assessor’s office for seven years. In my wildest dreams I cannot visualize the mayor of Los Angeles being an assessment hearing officer. What are the rulers of this community thinking? Are they just taking care of their own?

Marnie Webster

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