Too big, too much, too bad |

Too big, too much, too bad

Dear Editor:After attending the City Council meeting on July 23, I have decided to voice my reason for being against the project called The Lodge at Aspen Mountain.The project is twice what the existing building code permits and when the mayor said the project was the size of 11 court houses, my stomach turned. It would be a casatastrophe, not only for the people living in the immediate area, but for Aspen in general. If you believe the Limelight and Dancing Bear projects are too big and too high, blocking the views of many longtime Aspen residents, I believe this project will dwarf these complexes in density and certainly alter the small town feeling Aspen has so long enjoyed.We in the immediate area will have to put up with traffic, noise and construction dirt problems for about three years. I guess you can’t stop new growth, but the sheer size of this proposal and not honoring even close the city building code is just wrong.The developers own the property at a much cheaper cost than today’s land values; they’re just trying to get all they can from the city to build more than the property can handle.I’m all for a hotel and much needed employee housing, but I would estimate this project should be about 60 percent of what has been proposed.I don’t think it is easy to picture the enormity of the buildings proposed on this small piece of property. No matter what the developers say, the parking will be a nightmare. Moving the ski live 240 feet farther up the mountain will make it much more difficult for the locals. The developers say 50 pots underground will be reserved for other skiiers (not guests). If the hotel is filled during the peak ski season, the spots will be used by hotel guests. Don’t kid yourself.If the developers can’t make a profit without building more fractionals which are not needed in town, too bad. The town is already over-saturated with fractionals.Please do not OK this project as is, but cut it back to a more reasonable size.Bob GinsburgAspen

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