Tony’s party |

Tony’s party

Mary Eshbaugh Hayes
Left to right are Sandy Cooper (Tony DeLucias sister), Michael Andron, David Anders and Lisa Andron (another sister). (MEH)

In mid-July, Tony DiLucia’s family and friends gave a huge party celebrating the 20 years that Tony had been general manager of the Hotel Jerome. The gala occasion was held on the grounds of the Aspen Art Museum.Aspen photographer Michael Brands had a spread of many photographs in the Aug. 24 issue of The New York Times. The Times hired Michael to photograph a group of combat veterans who had fought in Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam during their weeklong self-discovery in the mountains of Leadville with Outward Bound.Former Aspen Times reporter Eben Harrell has accepted a job as a writer for Time magazine in London.Undercurrent … And now the blessed fall offseason!