Tony’s brand of fatalism |

Tony’s brand of fatalism

In the very same issue of The Aspen Times that treated us to Tony Hershey’s latest rant against train advocates was an article about the collapse of a huge Antarctic ice shelf. “500 million billion tons of sheet ice has disintegrated in less than a month,” read the pullquote.

I suppose it takes visionary inclination to imagine a world where we won’t have to read such headlines. It also takes forbearance to handle realists, as Tony professes to be, who make a religion of futility.

What I hear in Tony’s letter is, “It’s not realistic to act for a societal or environmental vision, so let’s all give up.” And concentrate every resource on perfecting the oil-based medium that delivered us 500 million new icebergs, I assume.

But even free Hypercars won’t fix an autocentric society. It’ll take knowing that a cheap, pollution-free vehicle can still take you nowhere fast.

I expect Tony’s transfiguration won’t happen at a hootenanny. So be it. When it comes to Tony’s visionless brand of fatalism, maybe we should sing, “We Shall Overcome.”

Dan Sadowsky

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