Toni’s rebuttal |

Toni’s rebuttal

Dear Editor:Donna Rowlands writes in her letter she received a mailing from me stating: “Toni to the rescue – certified EMT/Paramedic” (June 1).Let the truth be known for all to read.Donna somehow “forgot” to include the whole sentence. My mailing reads “Toni to the rescue! Mountain Rescue Aspen for 17 years, certified EMT-Paramedic.”I was a member of MRA for 17 years and did hold an EMT Basic, Intermediate and Paramedic certification during that 17-year time frame. I became an EMT in 1978 and did not renew in 1995.I wonder how Donna could also forget that while she was a support services member on MRA, I was field certified on MRA, and there is no way they would allow anyone in the field without proper credentials.Having been an EMT Basic herself from Oct. 1, 1998 to October of 2001, Donna should know that paramedics and EMTs are NOT licensed. They are certified. The division that certifies is not a licensing division. The “licensing” division of EMTs does not have record of my license. Why? Because the current electronic database only goes back to 1999. I retired in 1995. I did not say I was a current EMT/Paramedic.One of my goals was to work as a helicopter flight paramedic after graduating with honors from Swedish Medical Center Paramedic Program. Because of an ambulance accident crash, which occurred on the last night of my student internship and surviving one of the worst ambulance accidents in Denver, I decided to return to Aspen “to get a swimming pool built for those kids.”I did not renew my certification in 1995, because I knew I would not be able to enter the world of politics to lobby for a new pool and work as a paramedic and do both well.I have volunteered years of my life to get the Aspen Recreation Center built, and the effort is not over with yet. That is just one of the reasons I decided to run for council – to finish what I started.Instead of trying to publish false statements designed to influence the vote on my candidacy, which is punishable by law, please write nice things about my opponent.And where do I live, Donna? I think everyone knows my residence is at 230 N. Spring St. Why don’t you come over for dinner or pancakes? This next week is not a good week because we have guests, but the following week is wide open. Please RSVP.Toni KronbergAspen

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