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Toni vs. Tony

Tony Hershey writes in his October 2 column in the Aspen Daily News that “Many people (who I imagine are all in your head) may be telling you to write more letters, but the city will never build an outdoor pool of any kind at Rio Grande Park. And please leave the recycling center alone as there is no better place for it in Aspen. Perhaps you could use it to recycle your ideas and come up with an original thought.”

Mr. Hershey, since you are no longer employed as an Aspen city councilman, I wish that you would refrain from speaking on behalf of the city of Aspen. You have not attended one meeting on the Rio Grande Park Master Plan. So how do you know what’s what? If you had attended the city of Aspen’s engineering meeting on storm-water management, water quality and park enhancements in Rio Grande Park, you would have heard Chris Bendon, a planner with Aspen’s Community Development Department, say:

“There is a remote potential to relocate the facility to the parking lots south of Rio Grande Park. That land is part of the civic master plan, and there are many ideas being circulated. It could be expensive, but it is possible.”

In fact, Tony, the current goal of relocating the recycle drop-off center to just across the street from Rio Grande Park fits in with what City Council approved in the Rio Grande Park Master Plan in 1993. (No more muddy shoes when recycling, and the park stays a park.)

As for building a warm-water “Huckleberry Finn” water feature in Rio Grande Park (not a swimming pool), surely, Tony, you remember the teen crime spree of 1999, which happened the first year you were in office, and, what about all those newspaper headlines and front page photos THIS SUMMER 2003 about Aspen’s Police Department, taxpayers and town image having to deal with Aspen’s underage-drinking problems, teenagers’ wild-scooter incidents and, most recently, a 911 call about teenagers wielding guns in Aspen’s city streets?

Why would you not support a warm-water “Huckleberry Finn” water feature (not a swimming pool) in Rio Grande Park? Do you have any solutions or do we not have a problem?

Tony, I hope you can attend the next round of “public comment” meetings. The Parks Department will hold its first public-comment meeting on Rio Grande Park enhancements on Wednesday, Oct. 15, at 5:50 p.m. in the former Youth Center behind the courthouse. The Engineering Department, on Oct. 16, from 1 p.m. till 4 p.m., will hold its final storm-water management public-comment meeting downstairs in City Hall.

Toni Kronberg


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