Toni offers up a challenge |

Toni offers up a challenge

Steve Bossart, City of Aspen Pool and Ice Project Manager, writes: “If we could only tap Toni’s energy we could heat both pools.” That is where the problem lies.

For some reason, Mr. Bossart keeps trying to “warm up” the indoors “cool water” competitive pool even though “cool water” is a requirement in United States swimming competitions.

I did not “neglect” to include in my letter Mr. Bossart’s further comments or “the rest of his quote” made to Mayor Klanderud after Mr. Bossart told the mayor changes still could be made if the City Council wanted to. The meeting I requested with the council was to discuss Mr. Bossart’s comments. Duh!

As you know, there is major disagreement between Mr. Bossart, a.k.a. the city of Aspen, and myself as to who the real experts were in the design of the pool and what the experts recommended based on the town’s demographics.

Inspired by the ski race challenge between Todd Codgi and Roger Marolt to see who gets to the bottom first to settle the disagreement about girls beating boys and “tight, tight, one piece ski suits,” I have come up with a challenge for Mr. Bossart as equally as telling.

“Ten questions?” “Ten dives/10 swims!” Mr. Bossart will be given “10 questions” about the “experts,” the recommendations made by the “experts” and the public process that was involved.

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If Mr. Bossart answers the question right … I take the plunge. If Mr. Bossart answers the question wrong … he takes the plunge.

Only requirement for Mr. Bossart: put on your slick and sleek Speedo racing suit, climb up on the blocks, get ready to get wet, “hold your nose,” don’t blow bubbles and try not to speak under water so the judges can hear your answer.

Are you ready, racer Bossart? Be brave. RSVP. Water Babies.

Toni Kronberg


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