Tom’s record impeccable |

Tom’s record impeccable

It has been frustrating to read the daily papers and see the negative energy displayed by a few people toward the destruction of a positive person in our community. Is this really the way the “new” Aspen functions?

We have always been a community of many different opinions but we have also made great progress in the past by working together to support the majority’s decisions. This appears to be an effort initiated by two people without any public knowledge of WHY.

We are a public system that accepts and endeavors to give the best education possible to any student registering in our schools. The true judgment of our success is the final outcome as a senior graduates and goes on to the next passage of life.

Tom Farrell has certainly had a lasting effect on these people through his tenure here, and you can witness this at every graduation when they adorn him with memorable treasures.

This district is known and admired in many other locations for the successes it has achieved. These women have NOT been in our a system long enough to experience this “finished” product.

I fail to understand what possibly could be driving this negative quest? When I read that they have accumulated 15 boxes of material (with a great effort by many of the district employees) I only wish they had asked for those boxes to be filled with the accomplishments of our students under Tom Farrell’s reign.

Our school employees are being negatively affected by this effort at a time when we should be celebrating the culmination of a positive school year.

I am very proud of the Aspen school board for showing their support of Tom. They have worked far more closely with him, know his imperfections but see his overwhelming strengths.

When I was on the school board and it was time for us to give Tom his evaluation, he was generally much tougher on himself because he wanted this district to soar. He is a very respected man with a strong support system wherever he has been.

Take a walk through the high school with Tom and you know what a positive impact he presents. This is one time adults should be listening to the voices of our youth. They are the ones who are directly consuming the product. Have you also noticed how many of our young teachers are former students who have chosen to work here?

Tom, you have been and still are one of the most outstanding educators our family has ever come in contact with. Hopefully Aspen will continue to benefit from your presence until your retirement.

Marsha Brendlinger


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