Tom’s lawn is healthy |

Tom’s lawn is healthy

I also was present at the school board meeting that many others attended. I continue to read different opinions in the newspapers about the make-up of the congregation that night.

Never was there a raise of hands or bodies to say who is supportive or against the issues. Therefore, when it is assumed that the room was stacked in any direction, I feel it is unfair. Many people did not express opinions and, therefore, it is simply an assumption that the room was filled with unhappy parents.

Our school district has made great strides in the 38 years we have lived here. Many of the big improvements have come in the last 15 years.

We are recognized by areas outside of our district as having an excellent school system. This does not mean we should sit status quo and rest on any laurels. We should always be striving to “reach the star,” but that should come from communication, cooperation and the involvement of many.

Often we look too closely in the mirror and we only see the wrinkles. When we stand back for the overall view we see the whole picture and the inner character that image has assumed.

Tom Farrell has assisted so many students in gaining that whole image they are confident with as they enter the “real” world. He certainly has demonstrated his concern for the young people of this community.

It seems the accomplishments under his direction are worthy of attempting to solve some people’s dissatisfaction through positive means rather than negative processes.

That statement, “The grass is always greener on the other side,” is easily assumed when sometimes a bit of cooperative effort really creates the “healthiest lawn.” Tom Farrell has certainly had a positive effect on this family’s education.

Marsha Brendlinger


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