Tom’s absences |

Tom’s absences

I think I know where Tom Farrell has been. I thought I would share this with the “silent majority,” as they are going to so much trouble to inquire. This letter may save some time and attorney fees. The following are some possible explanations.

Does an “attendance record” take into account the time Tom spent talking with my oldest son about how things were going? Tom wanted him to know how proud he was of how my son was doing in his job. (My son was a special needs kid in school, so finding jobs is a little harder for him.) That extra pat on the back meant a great deal to him. My son was also able to thank Tom for allowing him to use Tom’s name on job applications.

What about the times Tom wrote my daughter while she was in France as an exchange student? She certainly enjoyed hearing from him about the activities at Aspen High School. Several years later, Tom could have been busy writing a letter of recommendation that was instrumental in her being admitted to medical school.

Another instance may have been when Tom helped my college-aged middle son obtain a summer internship with the Century Council in Washington, D.C. That position allowed my son to work on programs involving alcohol education for young people.

I must admit that Tom also took the time to write a letter of recommendation when my youngest son needed it to secure an appointment to the United States Air Force Academy.

Does the School Board know how Tom spends his time, and that he spends some of his time on “his kids” even after they graduate from Aspen High School? I’m sure they do, and I’m sure they appreciate his interest and dedication as much as I do. I doubt that the High family is the only family that can relate possible explanations for how Tom spends his time.

Possibly our “silent majority” has come from school systems where administrators only work 8-5 Monday through Friday. Then I can understand their confusion with someone who spends many hours before and after school with the kids, and their utter amazement at someone who spends many weekends at school functions. The fact that he still cares about former students years after they finish high school must be beyond belief.

I hope this offers some possible explanations for any unexplained absences. Sorry, Tom, but you got caught. You didn’t get caught being perfect, but at least in my way of thinking, you did get caught being dedicated and forever interested in the product you helped produce at Aspen High School.

I could relate many other instances with regards to other teachers and their dedication to their students. I think the role model at the top probably has something to do with this. Thanks to the many teachers and administrators in the Aspen School District and a special thanks to Tom.

Joe High


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