Tomas and the Media |

Tomas and the Media

Tomas’ very first media appearance was on Sydney TV when he (successfully) organized his school final year “break-up” party in 1969.

In 1975 he did a one hour interview on Radio 2JJ in Sydney after returning from 6 weeks in Guam as a volunteer nurse helping the American military with hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese refugees after the fall of Saigon.

In 1981 Simon Davies wrote a major article in The Nation Review based on allegations of mistreatment of certain patients in the state Psychiatric hospital Tomas had worked in, and resigned from in protest . This was followed by TV interviews such as the Sydney news show “11 a.m.”

Through the ’80’s Tomas gave personal growth seminars in Australia which were attended by many media people – journalists, TV presenters, radio and TV show hosts etc. who then invited him to go on air, and be interviewed about his work. These included appearances on “Good Morning Australia” and a feature interview in Australia’s premier business magazine “Business Review Weekly”.

In the 90’s in America Tomas was interviewed as The Aspen Astrologer on “Good Morning America” and MTV with Carmen Electra. With two partners he launched a major metro Sunday newspaper in Denver, Colorado. His astrology horoscope appeared weekly in Aspen’s Sunday paper and other papers in America. He wrote social commentary articles which were published in American newspapers and had his own weekly radio show in Aspen called “Stand Up Commentary.” He made a series of social commentary TV shows in Los Angeles and was a regular guest on the “Good Morning Aspen” TV show.