Tom is captain of a good team |

Tom is captain of a good team

I want lend my support to Tom Farrell. He doesn’t know me; don’t have children.

I was born and raised in Aspen. I graduated from Aspen High School in 1975. The past three years I have been on the Chapin Wright/Flatirons Scholarship committee. What I do know from reading the applications of the students over the years that apply for the scholarship and, in particular, this year’s applicants and the students we interviewed, somebody in the school system is doing something right!

These seniors are already good citizens, which is what is important to me. If they represent about one-quarter of the senior class, there must be many more great kids in the system.

It seems to me that this kind of leadership development in kids starts with a good team, and the captain of that team of teachers would be Tom and his job as superintendent.

So, as a non-parent, I want to say, besides the job of parenting, Tom is making a positive difference in the lives of many children.

Lorna Petersen


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