Toasty boots that don’t slip on the ice |

Toasty boots that don’t slip on the ice

Two winters ago I took a few spectacular falls, some in the alley behind The Aspen Times and one on the very doorstep of my back therapist, Patty Bennett, who watched in horror as I crashed on the ice and flew under her vehicle.

My back is fragile and every falling incident set me off for weeks if not months, so I went on the Internet in search of better boots. The boots I had been wearing looked sturdy enough – they were heavy and well-treaded, but they clearly didn’t cut it when the footing was slippery.

The boots I decided upon, largely influenced by customer reviews, were a pair of Acorn sheepskin boots on the Sierra Trading Post website. (They were made in China, but I didn’t know that until I read the label.)

The customer reviews warned that the boots run large. I wear size 6-1/2 but I also wear heavy socks, so I obstinately ordered size 7. I found myself swimming in those, however, and had to return them for size 6, which fit perfectly.

The boots are extremely lightweight and pull on easily without any zippers or laces. The tread didn’t look all that impressive, but the proof of the pudding was in the falling. I am probably daring the deities by saying this, but I have not fallen once since I began wearing these sheepskin boots.

The boots are toasty warm and give the feeling that I am walking barefoot in the snow, but the best quality is that they do not slip or slide, even on black ice, even when being dragged behind the leashes of my eager dachshunds.

They don’t look brand new anymore, but I figure they are good for another couple of years. If and when they fall apart, I will replace them without even thinking about shopping around for something better. I’m convinced they are the best – even if they’re made in China.

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