To the young at heart |

To the young at heart

Think about it: It’s frequently the most untried among us who make the difference in battle, who carry the day. Foreign lands or home turf, it’s the young that lift us up, challenge us, force us to grow, be better than we would otherwise be ” and to embrace the uncertain future with courage and enthusiasm.

Initiative Ordinance No. 2 is brought to you by those who want to keep all things the same. They speak in half-truths (and I’m being kind) and have hidden agendas. They have theirs, and they’re not concerned about yours. To pass this questionable (did I say I’m being kind?) piece of legislation, they’re counting on a glib public relations campaign and the fact that you’re working too hard to pay attention to anything other than the fear factor.

This initiative is bad governance, and it’s bad for our future. Ironically, it’s likely that it will not apply to Base Village at all. But if it’s Base Village you’re concerned about, let us finish our work and present you with a project you can judge, intelligently, on the whole. (And, no, it won’t be too late. That’s what referendums are for.)

At that point, you can decide whether or not to lead our community forward.

Dick Virtue,

Snowmass Village councilman