To the birds |

To the birds

Dear Editor:Regarding Mr. Alstrom’s chirpy letter dated Nov. 10, I think that Sven needs a new pair of binoculars and his handy National Geographic Birds of North America Field Guide for his political bird watching.The “pecking” is not the mountain bluebird (Sen. Harry Reid) (since he is never found in the deserts of Nevada), but the mockingbird who dives at everything he sees, always making a fool of himself and always arrogant in his territory. Sven has also misidentified the cardinal (Sen. John Rockefeller), who is really the hermit thrush – shy, rarely seen, known to make the occasional fuss and flies to cover at the first sign of trouble.His bird-watching tomfoolery continues with his error on the meadowlark (Sen. Pat Roberts), his real identity is the broad-wing hawk, strong woodland species that eats mice, frogs, insects, snakes and Democrats.Isn’t it interesting that after the mockingbird dove on the Senate Intelligence Committee’s phase-two investigation of the flawed intelligence going into the Iraq war, the hermit thrush flew for cover, the broad-winged hawk stood stoic and answered the pertinent questions, the story died and the political grandstanding stopped. The end.As far as the willow ptarmigan and his refuge, if the Democratic flock had not stonewalled an energy policy for the past 12 years (half of that time under President Clinton’s watch), maybe there wouldn’t be an energy crisis in the first place. Which came first, the chicken or the egg?The National Audubon Society rocks.Jim Perry (J.P.)Aspen

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