To the bad biker… |

To the bad biker…

This is to the guy in the yellow coat, who did not stop after hitting the nice lady while hiking just above Benedict Bridge on Hunter Creek Tuesday a little after 3 p.m.

I noticed a couple hiking above me. All of a sudden I heard you yell, “Watch out!” The next thing I heard was, “Wham!” I looked up to see the woman trying to catch her balance and you flying by my dog and me. Thanks for not hitting my dog also!

To my shock you just kept going, although it did seem you hesitated to the names I was calling you, which I wouldn’t write here. I wanted to let you know that, although clearly shaken, the lady was OK.

She wanted to know what she did wrong and what she should do next time. I didn’t ask where the couple was from. They both had day packs and she had binoculars hanging around her neck.

I told her that I am always careful, but most of the bikers are careful, which the next three people on bikes verified to us by slowing down as they approached, all greeting us in a friendly way of some sort.

I left the couple behind, thinking of how this could have turned out, eventually getting caught up in the fall season ? which I’m wondering if you have even noticed.

Brad Osborn


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