To St. Andre family and friends |

To St. Andre family and friends

Dear Editor:

I have always described my friendship with Roine and Jon St. Andre as magical. Many times during our long friendship, Jon’s robin-blue eyes would light up and he would bow his head in “namaste” style saying “thank you.” This was my gift from him for sharing a thought or something I had heard or read that he believed to be profound. Now it’s my turn to say thank you.

I want to thank the friends and family of Roine St. Andre for their amazing love, dedication, support and compassion they gave to Roine during her illness. Ro taught all of us so much about what it means to die with dignity, courage and grace. Although she and Jon have always appreciated their privacy, it was a warm smile that graced Ro’s face each time she received a card in the mail, a phone call or a gentle knock at the door from someone coming by to say hi or bring food.

I especially want to say thank you to a few very special friends. First to my dad, Mort, who suggested a ski run be named for Roine; to John Beezer, who made the beautiful ski run sign, “Ro’s Romp,” and brought it over to show Roine. I know how honored and proud she was to see it. John’s sister, Carol, who came over almost daily to give Ro healing treatments; Patty from Aspen Mountain patrol, who brought food, comfort and beautiful poems; Elaina, who gave hugs and smiles, love and laughter; Jody Cardamone, who truly is a real-life angel; Mitzee, their incredibly sweet, loyal dog; Ro’s sentry, Trevor, who is a remarkable human being to take on all that he did. His enormous heart is filled with patience, compassion, strength and love that sustained all of us.

To all the hospice nurses and especially the ones I met, Lisa, Sean (spiritual advisor) and Kate … you are remarkable women and I learned so much from you about healing and love. And finally to Ro’s husband, Jon, who allowed us this special opportunity to enter this phase of Ro’s life, to share this intense experience, with gratitude and love. Thank you, Jon.

Amy Krakow