To Halloween thieves |

To Halloween thieves

Dear Editor:

To the parents who brought their children trick-or-treating in the North 40: Please read this and share it with your children if they were allowed to trick or treat on their own.

Halloween is one of my favorite events. Every year I look forward to opening my house to friends and strangers to celebrate this fun holiday. I worry for weeks in advance, wondering if I’ve bought enough candy. Many of our friends bring extra bags to our house on Halloween night just to help out with how much one can spend on candy.

This year once again my door was open to everyone. I had what seemed to be enough candy and plenty of help to hand it out to all the great trick-or-treaters. I spent the whole afternoon decorating the front of the house, including my 9-foot-tall grim reaper. I love hearing how excited the kids get when they enter through the gate. Thank you all for those who appreciate the efforts our neighborhood puts forth to make this a fun event for all.

Now, to those few kids that thought it would be a good idea to steal an entire box of candy off my deck: You are selfish! What you did was rude and greedy. I know you took the box to the park and divided it amongst your friends. The children who came to my door after you did this had to be turned away. All the candy we had to give you took.

If I had to put a cost to what you took it would be about $80, which is almost half of what I spent on candy. I would have gladly handed out all of this to everyone who asked. If I thought I wouldn’t be given that right I would have better spent the money on my own son, who hardly got any candy as we had enough at home for him … or at least we did till you came around.

I know you won’t come knocking on my door to say you’re sorry. I do know that next year when I go to buy candy I will think of you and your friends and think twice of how much candy I buy. I will put up my Halloween decorations and try to not think about how ungrateful you kids were. I hope somehow these words find you, and even if only for a moment you find yourselves thinking, what you did was wrong.

Colleen Anderson


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