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To advance civilization

What a pleasant morning surprise, as I spent my very early morning hours at UCLAs Charles E. Young Research Library, to discover by accident, over the Internet, The Aspen Times article, I want my Emzy TV (Feb. 24) by reporter Steve Benson.It was always my intent when my public access television program, Caviar & Class, began with strong support from polo players and Beverly Hills that Aspen would acquire the caviar viewer taste. It just took longer than I planned, as Caviar & Class maintained its anchorage in Los Angeles and New York.I salute Aspen art star Patricia Bukur, Aspenite Oralia Lopez, GrassRoots Television, the Roaring Fork Polo Club, The Veazy Group and others in the Roaring Fork Valley who contributed in small and big ways to manifest Caviar & Class, now in Aspen, Los Angeles and New York.I earnestly look forward to great support from the Aspen and Roaring Fork Valley socioeconomic constituency in the elite business, financial, cultural, political, scholastic and government sectors to join the Caviar & Class vanguard as in September 1993, when then-Beverly Hills Mayor Maxwell Hillary Salter supported my efforts when I went before the televised Beverly Hills City Council asking Beverly Hills to join the polo crowd in my efforts.Copies of Caviar & Class are in Buckingham Palace and in possession of the King of Rwanda and the foreign governments of France, Germany, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.Aspen art star Patricia Bukur in the 21st century joined the stellar Caviar & Class vanguard as we in the Roaring Fork Valley move forward despite intrigue, treachery and treason from seen and unseen enemies.To watch a rerun of any Caviar & Class show reveals much more knowledge to the keen mind that was missed during a prior Caviar & Class watching. We awaken beyond the ordinary knowledge and perception to advance civilization.Thank you for providing the opportunity to join at least 2.1 million Los Angeles and New York television viewers to enjoy the chance to watch Caviar & Class simply by turning on your television at your home or office. May you continue in the “Caviar & Class” endeavor.Emzy Veazy III, Esq.Aspen and Beverly Hills