TLC at Aspen Valley Hospital |

TLC at Aspen Valley Hospital

Dear Editor:

It’s hard to believe, but our beautiful boy, Hayden, turns 1 year old today, and I could gush on and on about how much love he’s brought into our lives but nobody would be interested, except maybe our relatives! My intent is to talk about the incredible experience my wife Meghan and I had at Aspen Valley Hospital. I’ve been meaning to write this letter for 12 months now but along with all the wonderful things I can say about my boy, I’ve been in the midst of a one-year daze from sleep deprivation and my free time is 1 percent of what it used to be!

We arrived at Aspen Valley Hospital last March 18 at 8 p.m. and my wife gave birth 12 hours later. Meghan and I received incredible support from all the nurses. They were so knowledgeable, understanding and attentive. Her midwife was exceptional. She was patient, encouraging and helped Meghan through the process so that she could give birth naturally when a C-section was looking more and more likely. The anesthesiologist was so clear about the medications that he was administering and what she’d feel from them, along with adding some humor, which was well needed. All the doctors were amazing, as well – from her OB/GYN to our pediatrician. Furthermore, the rest of the staff from the cleaning personnel to the cooking staff were so pleasant and helpful.

Beyond the staff, the facility was exceptional. We had a room that rivaled many hotels in town. It was huge with a queen-size bed, spacious bathroom, and was a corner one so we had views downvalley along with ones of Red Mountain. The extra space was great when our friends and family came to visit. The food was delicious, from the roasted turkey to the fruit smoothies. And, the last night, we were treated to a steak dinner. Are you kidding me? We didn’t want to go home!

Finally, on the day we were leaving, I heard music outside our room and it sounded very much like it was live. When I peaked my head out, a gentleman was playing Vivaldi on a classical guitar. We were told this was paid for by a donation from a wealthy woman who passed away; weekly live music was her gift to the hospital. Now, we really didn’t want to leave!

It made me consider what it would have been like if we had settled in my home town of New York City. The costs would have been higher. The room would have been half the size, and we very likely would have shared it with another family. I can say with confidence that the staff would not have been nearly as responsive and friendly. We’d be lucky if we had a window to peak out of. And, the only guitar music we would have heard was some Zeppelin from the street!

We are very fortunate to have such amazing care in the valley. All Valley Women’s Care was phenomenal in the months leading up to the pregnancy and I can’t rave enough about Aspen Valley Hospital.

Aaron Pearlman


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