Tired of the bickering

Dear Editor:

One might think that as a Democrat, I was not happy when I read the headlines the other morning: “Republican headquarters egged again.” But I was not! Because one of the first rules in life ought to be to respect others like I want to be respected. Disrespecting others’ opinions is no way to fix a problem. In fact, I think it is one of the main problem in politics today.

I saw a sticker the other day. It might belong to one party but I don’t know which one. It said : “Stop fighting, start fixing.” My very first reaction was: Start fixing the parties, like in both Democrat and Republican. The lack of compromising, the lies and screaming form everywhere of “me, me, me” and “I’m right and they are wrong” has been exhausting. I wish people could respect and compromise so this country could move forward as one country, not two parties.

Diana Keyser