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Tired of spoiled celebs

Dear Editor:

I have had it with professional athletes and politicians who have made it and have taken advantage of their fame/success. Instead of being grateful for what they have (much, much more than the average bear) and become a stellar role model, some have not grasped the incredible opportunity of making a significant positive difference in the world.

I am ready for the media to cover young kids making tough decisions to join the military because university and/or a solid job is/are not an option. Albeit, their choice may be based on getting away from a bad environment, and their unknown future environments may be equally as terrifying, but at least they are making an effort to make our world a better place by fighting terrorism to keep our country free.

I am ready to hear more about the unselfish un-named soldiers and less about professional athletics and politicians who have had it all and have tossed it away.

Thank you.

Debra Mayer


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