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Tipton and Romney have our backs

Dear Editor:

Rep. Scott Tipton did not flip-flop on the farm bill. He signed a discharge petition to expedite the process. When the committee said it would prioritize the bill, he removed his name to avoid being snarky about it. He has not changed his stance or mind. Tipton has a record of working across the aisle.

Sal Pace stated at a meeting (I was there!) that the Sugar City beet plant shut down due to a lack of water and made it sound as if it was recent. It closed in the ’70s because the alkali in the water changed the sugar content in the beets. I have family in that area.

Pace is for the single-payer health-care system, which means, among other disastrous consequences to our health-care choices, 21 new taxes on all of us. Vote for Tipton! He has our backs. Pace will result in even greater job losses than we have now.

Unfortunately, it won’t be until after the election – if ever – that we get the truth about the embassy in Benghazi, Libya. We do know that there were more than 50 attacks in the area, and the British had brains enough to leave. Our folks requested increased security and were denied – on Obama’s watch. Hillary should be held accountable, as well. Fired is the word. Obama’s foreign policy stinks, or should I say has gone up in smoke?

Obama did not “save” the auto industry. GM’s stock continues to plummet, and taxpayers stand to lose big. Add the fact that when Obama illegally took over GM, he shut down 120 independent dealerships and cost tens of thousands of jobs.

In the debate on Oct. 3, Mitt Romney told the truth about his intentions. Obama’s arrogance and disdain for his position and the American public showed in his utter lack of preparedness. Want jobs? Vote for Romney. We cannot even survive another four years of Obama.

Juanita R. Williams


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