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Tips for ACRA

Dear Editor:Let us say that it appears to be an interesting development in a bipolar Aspen business community (“Chamber eyes return to business advocacy,” Aug. 27).Debbie Braun’s Aspen Chamber Resort Association formed a Public Affairs Committee to tackle local issues with an eye toward munching on state government issues, too.The Mountain Chalet general manager, Stan Hajenga, champions his new Aspen Business Improvement League to thrust itself into the political economics arena of Aspen’s downtown commercial core district.I am sure there are some Aspen newspaper readers who can recall my letter mentioning how the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce under Rolf Arnhym (a West Point graduate) aggressively advocated Beverly Hills business interests at Beverly Hills City Council sessions. Many times the aggression overwhelmed the opposition.Also in the past I mentioned ACRA should follow the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce example. However, the former head of ACRA during her tenure told me, “ACRA is a nonprofit and can’t do such a thing.”I would like to be the guest speaker at these two groups to impart some of my wisdom and experience speaking at and/or attending many different cities’ city council meetings and city panels, U.S. government commission hearings, a state commission meetings, different state hearings, different school board meetings, etc.And when I was a member of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce in Beverly Hills, I was on the following committees: Government Affairs Committee, Ball Committee, Education Committee, Marketing Council and Small Business/Retail Council.I have noticed Aspen business leaders, business owners and company managers could use my insights and instruction in how to be more professional and effective in presenting themselves and their issues to the Aspen City Council, city panels, the mass media and the audience watching the televised meetings.Oh, don’t forget I hung around the Colorado State Capitol building earlier this year and spoke before three committees besides attending many different ones.Emzy Veazy IIIAspen/Burbank


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