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Times story off track

Dear Editor:

Aaron Hedge has mistakenly reported that the city is trying to add a backcountry marathon to the Aspen Cycling Festival weekend in the spring of 2011. I attended this special work session and the report in the paper connects these two events but that is untrue.

First on the agenda was the discussion of the criterium and the pending partnership with the Livestrong Foundation. This discussion lasted quite a long time as there were several comments from the public.

Once that discussion was tabled, the next item on the agenda was the backcountry marathon, one of several new ideas on the docket at the city, a completely separate discussion from the criterium. The reporter has mistakenly linked these two agenda items together, which they are not.

Due to this mistake, Hedge’s article rambles between the two topics, citing budget numbers and quotes which are not connected in any way. No offense, Aaron, but that story was a complete disaster filled with misinformation and resulted in nothing but a confusing mess rather than clarifying the situation.

Mike Trecker


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