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Times have changed

Over the course of living within the Aspen city limits for 30 years, there have been more times than I can remember votes, discussions and meetings about the Entrance to Aspen.

I have always, ?til now, wanted to keep the entrance, or entry, into Aspen as it was: slow, difficult, small-townish, just like it was when I first got here. When most of my friends got here we liked things just the way they were.

So I (we) always spoke against any changes and voted against any changes.

But lots of things changed that neither I nor anyone else I knew wanted to happen.

The worst one was that a lot of friends, acquaintances, people I knew of and like or respected, weren’t living in Aspen anymore, but still worked here, for lots of reasons.

Now they commute to Aspen, and the commute has become worse and worse, more and more stressful, more and more cause for bitterness, and maybe even responsible for some of the poor service attitude that locals and tourists complain about.

So, I’m changing the way I’m voting for the first time in 30 years.

I’m voting for the straight shot. I’m voting for people that have to commute to work, by mass transit or by car. The straight shot will make life a little better for lots of people.

I feel better about myself already.

Vincent Galluccio


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