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Times’ editorial is nonsense

Dear Editor:The Aspen Times editorial opinion on Friday, March 18, commented that the Burlingame development was environmentally positive and implies that outspoken local environmentalists who oppose Burlingame are hypocrites because Burlingame will be good for the environment.Are writers on The Aspen Times editorial staff waiting to win the housing lottery, or are they incredibly naive? Do they really believe that 237 housing units outside Aspen will cut down traffic and air pollution?In my opinion, what will happen as a result of Burlingame will be growth. Every community from Silt to Aspen is growing. New Castle has the highest growth rate in the state. The 237 families who move to Burlingame will simply be replaced by new people moving to the valley as we all did. As long as there are good paying jobs, people will move here.Burlingame will require bus service that RFTA can ill afford. Without convenient bus service every 15 minutes, all those families at Burlingame will be driving to work or to school, or to run their errands, and where will they park? Even with bus service they still will drive to the grocery store. How is that good for Aspen’s environment? Outspoken local environmentalists are asking “where do we draw the line on growth in Aspen?” There doesn’t seem to be a problem with moving the line whenever the line is inconvenient. When does growth detract from our quality of life as open space disappears? What level of development will keep vacationers from visiting our resort? Burlingame is indicative of the much bigger issue of growth. Where does it end? At what level of growth does Aspen lose its charm, its uniqueness, or its incredible mountain back yard?Environmentalists are often attacked because they increase the cost of doing business. Aspen may need affordable housing, but using the argument that Burlingame will be good for our environment is nonsense. Cliff WeissAspen

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