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Time to wake up

Dear Editor:

As of Monday at 6 p.m., more than 5,000 people from all over the world had signed the Krabloonik dog petition … I am one of them. I attended the council meeting Monday along with many more concerned human beings, and I left shaking my head as many others, mumbling about the ineptness of our council.

Memo to Sally Sparhawk: In answer to your inquiry of going public to the media before coming to Town Council ” wake up. More than 5,000 people worldwide want something done now, not in the months and months of a do-nothing-I-am-not-responsible council. I am sure lots of e-mails were sent to council members (including my own), but did any member of council even acknowledge receiving e-mails? Did any of you check out the website and look at the photos and watch the video and read the letters? It would have been so refreshing for someone to show a little backbone and acknowledge the fact that the conditions of the dogs are appalling and need to be fixed instead of the shrugging of shoulders and “it’s not my job” attitude.

Arnie, you don’t need to be a “dog expert,” you just need to be a human being to see that there is something wrong with the way dogs are being treated. I don’t care that Dan is meeting the “minimum requirements.” I thought Snowmass Village was world class ” not a minimum. As for Dan’s comment about “doing nothing illegal,” there’s illegal and immoral and inhumane … let’s all think about that. Dan, I don’t care if you have spent millions of dollars keeping your business afloat. That is not my problem and is that suppose to excuse the way your dogs are cared for?

What is it going to take for some of our elected officials to stand up and say this is not acceptable? Wake up … no one wants to put Krabloonik out of business but if conditions don’t change that will probably happen because the continued media attention will guarantee no one will patronize this business. This is on the web, on YouTube, and world wide and it is not going away until things get fixed … and it shouldn’t. This disgraceful situation needs to be corrected.

So council stop passing the buck and do something and accept some responsibility. You are the landlord, regardless of what legal opinion says about the lease. The world is watching … so stop embarrassing the citizens of Snowmass Village.

Sandee Dawson

Snowmass Village

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