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Time to turn it off

Dear Editor:

So many say the fire hearth in Aspen should be turned off due to environmental concerns. From my point of view:

I work in Aspen four nights a week. I always take the bus into Aspen and back from my home here in Snowmass Village. So I walk by the fire hearth four nights a week.

Many tourists tell me what a wonderful thing it is to be able to enjoy the fire hearth. But now comes the issue and why I think it should be turned off.

Just last night, Tuesday, that is, as I walked by the fire hearth I saw some of the homeless burning cardboard boxes and other items. When a couple walked by one of the homeless said, “If you want some of this baby, here I am.” I’ve heard many other comments of a singular nature being made to our guests.

It is now time to turn off the gas.

Harry Temple

Snowmass Village

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