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Time to take off the gloves

Dear Editor:

America, let alone the world, is becoming a world of retards. No offense to the mentally handicapped, though. What I mean is society is becoming so dumbed down that we won’t even know how to dig our own graves when the time comes.

You can watch five minutes of TV, and anyone without a working brain should see how bad it is getting. We have people saying they know how to make our lives better, and that the things society has done for countless years is now wrong. You can’t spank a baby, you can’t eat meat. You have to trust the government official. You have to buy this product. You can’t buy this merchandise. Basically, you cannot do anything unless it is what someone else wants.

We have egotistical talk-show hosts who think they know more about daily life than anyone walking down the streets. We have reality shows that revolve around the word “drama” and show how annoying you can be on television. Our tax dollars go towards paying someone to be the mediator between a rock and a hard place. Mercy is given to murderers simply because they are too fat and some middle-aged divorced hag is worried about a criminal’s feelings! We have trust-fund hippies trying to change the world by insulting the rest of us because a hybrid toy car should be efficient to a rancher. When will the stupidity end?

Will society ever wake up? Or grow a pair of balls (sorry if you find that sexist) and stand up for common sense? Not likely, because parents won’t punish there kids, unless you think a pep talk and a day without a cell phone is punishment.

Younger generations are shown the rich and glamour of television life, so instead of working hard and learning, they coast through and want “more! more! more!” What happened to getting a belt whipping, being grounded for a summer, and digging-a-hole-in-the-yard type punishments? Oh yeah, that middle-aged divorced bible beating hag said it was mean to children and the only punishment should be talking to your kids about right and wrong. The older these kids get, they learn right and wrong by handcuffs and jail time. Which currently is a cake walk because you can have a TV in prison, or video games, or even nice steak dinners. When did prison become a luxury hotel?

Publicly kill a murderer or rapist. Make an example of crime that will not be tolerated, regardless of the feelings for him or her. Spank your child for lying and throwing rocks at cars. Make your teenager work a full-time job to pay for the cell phone they want, and take it away when they expect their parents should pay for it.

Society gets smarter by starting with children; instead of sugarcoating there lives, how about we start showing them how bitter things are, and making them learn how to sweeten it up.

Chris Everding

Glenwood Springs

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