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Time to take a stand

I want to thank Laurel Lamont for taking time out of her obviously hectic life to write her opinion. Coming from the wife of one of the lawyers for the Crystal River Marketplace, I’m not surprised at the content, but am disturbed and insulted by the tone.

I am a mother and have enjoyed living in the valley the last 33 years. I raised two children here who are now working to make this world a better place and I feel their being raised in a small-town atmosphere, surrounded by the outdoor recreation, and the values that come with that lifestyle, has contributed greatly to who they are today.

Living here has been a struggle at times, but certainly not because of the inconvenience of shopping. As more people move into Carbondale, things have changed enormously, but what I see deteriorating is the quality of life most of us are here to enjoy. Convenience isn’t why most of us live here. Why move to Carbondale if shopping is so important?

I agree that we need tax revenues, but tax revenue does not come only from big-box stores and large malls. We’d have to bus people in from Paonia, Crested Butte and Leadville to get the money to support a Target.

There are already many regional shopping centers in our area that are convenient and accessible. Our scale is so different. The idea of turning Carbondale into a regional shopping center is ludicrous and filled with the “falsehoods and exaggeration” you have accused us of.

As far as “scare tactics,” the developer’s arrogance and lack of respect for the people of this town plus his lack of cooperation and honesty are VERY SCARY. The traffic and costs to the town that this project will generate will not affect his life but will be dumped into our laps forever.

Alternatives are plentiful. Tourists come here because of the natural beauty, recreation and the peace and quiet. This source of revenue has been unexplored and untapped for some reason.

We have clever, educated, creative people living in our community who are eager to work on this issue. I am truly disappointed that our elected officials have approved this as is.

It’s time we stand and say NO to developers and big corporations who want to shove their notions of Carbondale down our throats. We deserve better and we have to stand up and say so. Please vote no on July 15, even if you are not a mother.

Katherine Ware


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