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Time to take a stand

Dear Editor:

OK. That elite group that calls it self our governing body has just had a puppet general give us a report about the war in Iraq. This puppet general and his sidekick the ambassador to Iraq were not even sworn in before they gave their testimony. What is up with that? So as there testimony began, the lies starting pouring out of their mouths. That the war is heading in the right direction. They gave us proof with Anbar province. It was one of the most dangerous places in Irag. They have cut deals, paying big cash to the Sunni tribes that were killing Americans just months ago. Hey, that’s progress. These tribes are still continuing with there ethnic cleansing of the Shiites’s but hell, at least they’re not killing Americans. Man, are we headed in the right direction.

Days after parading the head sheik of these tribes before the press, he was assassinated. So much for this safe haven.

So what is happening in Iraq? We still have Americans from the middle class getting killed everyday. The big corporations over there are making millions by the second. There is a civil war looming on the horizon.

And we have these two idiots telling us that Iraq is better off since the surge. And maybe if all goes as planned we will be able to start bringing our troops home. Withdraw down to pre-surge levels.

When is someone going to stand up to this lying son of bitches and start demanding the truth from these carpetbaggers.

Question authority, stop letting this elite group lead us to the brink of Armageddon. Demand the truth. Not their puppet show, it is time for the middle class to take a stand. The revolution starts now!

Russ Decker



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