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Time to step down

Dear Editor:(This letter was originally addressed to District Attorney Colleen Truden.)Perhaps the time has come to consider it may no longer matter where the truth lies regarding past allegations. The truth of the past has long since been replaced by the truth of today. And yet, “replaced” could be taken to mean “to put aside or make less importance of.”By no means am I suggesting you shouldn’t continue to defend your good name. Continue to stand up for yourself in this quest to clear the air, and please continue to exercise your rights by giving us your side of the story.Perhaps the “truths” need to be reprioritized. As any true leader should understand, simply by virtue of being in a position of authority, reprioritization is a daily occurrence. And one of today’s truths is this: Entirely too much energy, time and money have been spent on this issue, energy, time and money that could be used much more wisely elsewhere.DA Truden, this issue is tearing at the threads of the very community you have taken an oath to serve. Often it can be quite difficult to see the best choice, especially when one feels so adamantly wronged, as I am sure you must. It is oftentimes difficult to step out of the picture and see the possibilities with clarity when we are right in the middle of conflict. Yet step out from time to time we must, if we are to regain or maintain integrity.Colleen, please take a look within and give us all the greatest gift you can at this time. Allow us to continue. Allow us to regain faith and hope for a better tomorrow. Allow us to see your honor … step out of the picture.Steven KingCarbondale

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