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Time to sink disc golf course

Dear Editor:Some may be wondering how a nine-hole, disc-golf course could ever be approved for Bert & Ernie Park in the first place. Well, here is how it’s done in our town:1. Utterly ignore the recently adopted 10-year “Parks, Recreation and Trails Comprehensive Master Plan.” This makes complete sense since nowhere in its 131 pages is there any mention whatsoever of disc or Frisbee golf. 2. Keep the disc-golf course plans a secret from all the residents of Roaring Fork Valley. Not one NIMBY neighbor was asked to weigh in on the merits of the course in their neighborhood park. And of course, let’s not consult Heritage Park nursing home.3. Do not invite public opinion of any kind. This way you don’t have to defend any plans or actions to the townspeople or trustees until it’s too late to make a difference.4. Do not consult a land-use professional. This way you can avoid any discussions of code, setbacks, buffer zones and incompatible land-use activities.5. Do no independent research. Ignorance is bliss. Let’s just approve an activity we know absolutely nothing about. And let’s not check it out on the Internet or run it by any other towns that already have a course.6. Install the course when that SOB Hofto is out of town. Yes, imagine our surprise when we came home after a few days to a fully functioning course with the No. 8 tee-pad just 2 feet away from our property line.7. Just disregard any future complaints that come up.So, are we ever going to see this rogue disc-golf course taken out of B&E park?Bill HoftoCarbondale

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