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Time to revamp medical pot system

Dear Editor:

I want to express my opinion on not just Carbondale’s medical marijuana debate, but everyone’s medical marijuana debate.

Unfortunately this issue is being handled like so many other things in our society today: It has polarized people. The facts are that medical marijuana does have a place in our society and it does truly benefit some people. The facts are also that the current system is broken.

We do not need more medical marijuana dispensaries than we have gas stations or grocery stores. The facts are also that there are as many people out there with cards that were obtained in a deceptive manner as there are ones that were obtained for a true need. You do not have to stand in front of a dispensary for very long before you see someone go in, buy some product, come out and sell it to someone who does not have a card. There are too many stoners and potheads abusing the system.

It would be nice if we had more leaders and fewer politicians. This issue needs to be resolved, as there are too many dispensaries and it reflects negatively on our community. If medical marijuana is truly a medicine, it should be dispensed at a pharmacy and you should get a prescription from a competent doctor, for a specific amount. You shouldn’t walk into a dispensary and be able to buy however much you can afford because you have a card that was issued to you because you said you have chronic headaches and were willing to pay the designated fee.

Someone, please find the courage to address the true issues in this debate; medical marijuana is a beneficial product and should be available to people that it would truly help. It is also currently being distributed the wrong way. Please do not let the dollar signs of the current system cloud your decisions.

Thank you for your time.

Tim Trombatore


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