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Time to reconsider

(This article was originally addressed to Howard Orona, acting Aspen Postal Inspector.)

The article pertaining to your recent decision to force your mailman Terry Trish to stop his dog, Sydney, from accompanying him on his rounds appeared in a recent issue of the Daily Sentinel in Grand Junction and USA Today.

The article mentions that you are “new,” and I would guess in need of making some bureaucratic waves to establish your authority.

I am certain that there are enough government regulations so that if one searches hard enough, you can find a reason to “not do” almost anything. This is an instance when a little compassion and understanding would lead one to the conclusion that Sydney would do nothing but contribute to the spirit of community friendship and congeniality.

As a former Aspen resident, I am confident that if your decision were put to a community vote you would be voted down overwhelmingly. It’s not too late to reconsider.

James K. Weaver, M.D.

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