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Time to pay attention

Sue Gray publicly apologizes to Bob Anderson (Glenwood Post, Jan. 21). I find it ironic that the woman who was beaten on week after week after week, for over a year, by letter writers to the papers felt she needed to apologize.

Here is a citizen of the United States that actually did something other than sit in front of the boob tube and melt in the lies from the news networks. She may have had other reasons for going to Iraq, but I’m thankful she brought back information from “their citizens” about how they are dealing with our insightful invasion.

I also appreciate the fact that she shared something with the Iraq people other than the missiles and bullets that our government gave them with apathy. Here is a patriotic woman who was burned at the stake by the same people that grovel to a deceitful, traitorous president.

I believe our country is in big trouble. We are invading other countries (Bush said it would be a 100-year war). Our country’s sovereignty and Constitution are dissolving right in front of our closed eyes. Our borders are a joke. Our economic system is based on printed up “fake” money and manipulation. The police and judicial system forget to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

I’m not a Republican or Democrat (I’m a Libertarian). I’m not a right- or left-wing nut (I’m for the Constitution). I’m not religious fanatic (I haven’t been to church in over 20 years). I’ve never met Sue Gray (I would be honored to). I’m not a member of the peace coalition (yet).

I’m a man who makes mistakes and was too busy/lazy to care about our nation before. For that I’m truly sorry and apologize to all our veterans who paid the ultimate price.

Cliff Hughes

Glenwood Springs


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