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Time to Pass thanks

Dear Editor:

I had the extreme privilege of being the first vehicle (Harley Davidson) to blaze the trail over Highway 82, aka Independence Pass, on Thursday, May 27, from the south. As a Colorado resident, it was tantamount to being the first on the ski lift for the year!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the CDOT workers for all their hard work in making this possible. The untrained eye can only marvel at the monumental task and appreciate the skill that made this possible.

I know that state employees, as well as America, are enduring harder times at the moment. At the end of the riding day, when the kick stand is down, I, for one, would gladly “buy the crew a beer” for their Herculean efforts. I would encourage everyone that enjoys Independence this year to thank them in kind with your own method of gratitude.

Larry Bradford

Canon City