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Time to fix Basalt

Dear Editor:I would encourage people to reread two editorials, “Basalt should come clean on O’Connor” (Aspen Daily News, Nov. 29) and “Police chief review needs to be open process in Basalt” (The Aspen Times, Nov. 16).Both editorials call for “sunshine” in Basalt and suggest corrective official actions to right a “wrong” and purge a “festering subversive culture against the public trust.” These are my in-depth, analytical reading conclusions said my way.If the Basalt town government can spend big bucks per hour to check up on now-former Police Chief Roderick O’Connor, it can spend worthwhile money for Price Waterhouse or Reese Henry & Co. to do a thorough audit of town’s government structure and department operations. This way, the Basalt residents will discover from the consultancy recommendation report the deficiencies that affect them as a whole and which mostly jettisoned O’Connor.What happened to O’Connor leaves the Basalt Town Hall crowd tainted and stuck in a tar pit. Repair the damage, and not do damage control.Emzy Veazy IIIBurbank, Calif., and Aspen

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