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Time to embrace change

Dear Editor:

Signs supporting Obama in my front yard were vandalized last night. My home was defaced. I write to share why I vigorously support Obama’s uplifting candidacy.

In banging the patriotism drum, we have forgotten that we cannot both celebrate our freedoms and Constitution while simultaneously losing sight of their meaning. Our freedom of thought and speech set our country apart globally. The Patriotism Act was an early 9/11 response, triggering gradual erosion of our foundational freedoms and embracing a national fear based culture that was taken too far last night by local vandals, instead of opening a reasonable dialogue about issues. Vandalism is not dialogue.

I will vote for Barack Obama because I want a leader of balanced views, open conversations, careful and rational decision making ” who knows our efforts are stronger in alliances, that wise negotiations result in win-win solutions, not one who speaks and incites the lowest common denominator in thought or action or who repeats untruths even after proven false.

I want a leader who values all free speech. I do not want a candidate that even casually speaks of banning books, or of dictating choices, or inciting lies or racism ” or her ticket partner who does not speak forcefully and immediately against these erosive and divisive positions.

I want a leader who supports equalizing the opportunity of education and health care. If there is to be additional debt, at least I will have purchased these opportunities for each of us with my tax dollars instead of tax dollars lining pockets of glutted out of control business executives and supporting a grinding, lies based war that sends home dead bodies to broken families.

I want a leader who knows that unimaginable debt will continue to be repaid by our great grandchildren, unless called due early by China and nations who hold the future of our country in their coin purses. One who knows we can neither drill ourselves out of the energy crisis or print ourselves out of the financial crisis. A leader who supports solving our problems while preserving our environment.

I want a leader who points us to the light, reminds us of hope, reminds us that in lifting one, we elevate all ” including ourselves. I want a leader who reminds us that fear mongering cannot triumph over hope-filled vision and actions.

To you who came last night in the dark spreading fear ” you who would not have come in the light of day, I invite you to move from your fearful dark corner to a more hope filled place. Be reminded by Barack Obama ” we are so much better than this last eight years. Move not to your lowest, but rise to your highest common denominator. Embrace an uplifting change.

Cheryl Cain

Glenwood Springs

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