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Time to cut the crap

So has it really come to this?

Aspenites are too lazy to pick up their dogs’ poop, and it took a vigilante with a can of spray paint to call attention to the problem up on Smuggler Mountain Road? Now there’s actually talk of a citizens’ “action group” to solve things?


Folks, it should not take a newspaper editorial to point out that this is truly pathetic. We spend a fair amount of time in these pages lamenting how Aspen seems to become more greed-driven and self-centered with each passing year, but the mountain of crap on Smuggler takes this issue to a new and smelly low.

While contemplating what to write for today’s editorial, we agreed it’s pointless to get too high and mighty about an issue as seemingly innocuous as dog poop. But then we could hardly believe so many dog owners could be so consistently rude. It’s literally nauseating.

Remember, what you see today on Smuggler Mountain Road is just the tip of the foul-smelling iceberg. Yesterday’s piles, and those of the day and week before, are all hidden under the new snow.

And when all that snow melts, the issue won’t be innocuous anymore; it’ll be trickling down the road and all over your shoes.

Thankfully, Pitkin County doesn’t seem keen on any kind of crackdown. There are littering fines in place, but no team of “crap cops” is envisioned to enforce them on Smuggler.

At least common sense still is prevailing on that count. But common courtesy is clearly in short supply up on Smuggler. We hope local dog owners get a grip on themselves before all this excrement reaches the Roaring Fork River, or some government official decides to ban dogs altogether on Aspen’s favorite local trail.

Don’t they teach this stuff in kindergarten?

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