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Time to change

Dear Editor:During the past several decades, the Colorado Department of Transportation and our local governments have tried to address the conundrum that is known as the Entrance to Aspen with a multitude of studies and over $3 million (and rising) in expenditures.Although all of us, governments included, should evaluate the alternatives available in solving any puzzle, we should be able to reach a conclusion and arrive at solutions within a reasonable amount of time. Some situations may not have a solution other than the circumstances that are present. In the case of the Entrance that is not so.The favored course of action, the straight-shot entrance, which has been voted on in the affirmative multiple times, has for some reason not been adhered to. I cannot pretend to understand our democratic process nor the political games that allow governments to ignore the will of the people.Leaving the logical, safest and most efficient solution aside, there are a numerous actions that can be taken by CDOT and our local governments which will ameliorate our current traffic situation. The solutions, as long as they are implemented as a whole, are safe, legal and cost-effective.Why is it when three individuals in local government and CDOT were approached last year with a proposal (including a money-back guarantee) to provide the solutions, did they turn it down or simply not have the courtesy to respond to the inquiry? Are these individuals threatened that someone other than themselves has the ability to solve problems that they should be able to manage?As much of a comedy/tragedy the question of the ingress and egress to Aspen has become, we need to stop with the studies and implement solutions. It’s too bad that, historically, governments have never been accountable for their actions or lack thereof.Maybe it’s time for a change.Neil RossAspen


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