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Time to change course

Dear Editor:It doesn’t matter if you’re a liberal, conservative, white, black or even blue, right now we all need to face the truth about the country that we are living in.Most of the world hates us, our economy is in desperate need of salvation, and we are wasting precious resources as if the supply is endless. These are the facts. With election day just around the corner, I urge everyone to think for themselves, consider our current state and make a smart decision on Nov. 2.First, let’s think about the war we are in. The war is in Iraq, but aren’t the people who attacked us from Afghanistan? Mr. president thought that it would surely be more logical to attack Iraq because we assumed they had weapons of mass destruction. So now, we have more than 1,000 dead friends, family members and loved ones fighting for peace? This is just war No. 1.The war on terrorism is also a concern. How many times have we heard Bush say that we will “win” it? Ironic, considering the fact that our “war” on terrorism is terrorism itself. And the $87 billion that our president wants us to pay up is a little addition to the $79 billion he has already spent on war. Oh, it’s OK because we’ll have enough money to pay for more tanks and guns and deaths; we’ll just cut some educational funds. Another great idea from a man who doesn’t even know how to spell potato(e). We are the wealthiest nation in the world, but why are we in the largest economical deficit ever? Our recent tax cut will surely help us out of that, right? Wrong! My generation is going to have to pay these consequences. The people with the highest incomes have to pay the least when those that are trying to make ends meet get screwed. That does not make sense.It seems that our president is avoiding the real problems. Most people don’t even know what is going on. Too much of our money is being thrown toward war when we can’t even feed all of our citizens. John Kerry has weaknesses, too, but if we keep on truckin’ in Bush’s same direction, we will only dig a deeper hole that will be harder to crawl out of. It is imperative that things change. We need to become more aware of what is really going on and undo the mess we have gotten ourselves into. On Nov. 2, please make a smart decision with a good understanding of which direction you want America going in.Maria PiessisAspen

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